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From Farm to Fork

About the origin of our food

The awareness and interest in what we eat has never been greater than it is today. We very much welcome this trend and would be happy to provide you with information about the origin and processing of the food in our restaurants. When putting together their menu, all of the east Group's restaurants use ingredients that are as typical of the region and of the best quality as possible. Seasonal availability of food also plays an important role, long transport routes are avoided if possible. All kitchen teams, kitchen management and purchasing departments work closely with our suppliers and producers in order to achieve a maximum of choice, taste and sustainability.

In our own production kitchen, the east manufactory in Sternschanze, we produce our own basic products such as stocks and sauces in large quantities and deliver them to our factories. Central production ensures consistent quality, relieves kitchen teams and minimizes transport routes.

If you have any questions about products or food, our service staff will be happy to answer your questions at any time.

The following suppliers and producers are responsible for the food behind our dishes:

From the sea and the river

The traditional company Hummer Pedersen in Hamburg supplies us with fresh fish and seafood every day.
All imports are subject to strict selection. Quality and purity come first. Our many years of experience pays off in particular when it comes to keeping the animals appropriately."

- Hummer Pedersen

Meat, fish & vegetables

Our partner for meat, fish and vegetables promises absolute freshness and unique origins. "Havelland Express believes in a new awareness of food. Knowledge of the origin of food plays a central role. That is why we pay close attention to the origin of our products and follow the principle: the best quality, produced as closely as possible."

- Havelland Express

Vegetables & fruits

The vegetables and fruits processed in our gastronomic operations are freshly bought every day at the Hamburg wholesale market by our supplier C.D. Albers compiled.

ice cold happiness

The heart of Milk Made ice cream production beats in the middle of Hamburg-Eppendorf.
All natural and lovingly made by hand. In the production of the Milk Made ice cream, the team only uses real natural foods. No flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorings, just real fruit, real vanilla, real milk. Everything genuine, everything naturally delicious.

Asia specialties

We source the authentic Japanese food for our excellent sushi from SSP Trade & Consult.

Italian specialties

We get our Italian specialties such as fresh truffles, dairy products and high-quality oils from il-sole in Hamburg.


We get our excellent coffee from G.C. Breiger & Company GmbH. IkaCoffee's coffee beans are sourced from a cooperative in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region in Colombia. Traditional and regional production as well as supporting sustainable cultivation and ensuring transparency in the value chain are the company's core values.